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Our values

At Kender Primary School we are giving a great deal of thought to the values that we are trying to promote. Our school ethos is at the heart of everything we do. We regularly consider our core values and how the school sustains an ethos, which supports the children as reflective learners whilst securing teaching and learning of high quality. We are very much aware that society is faced with enormously complicated problems, which can make growing up a difficult process.

As a school community, we believe the vision and ethos of the school should be based on a foundation of core values of:




These will at times be addressed directly through lessons and will permeate the whole curriculum. They are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the child. We encourage pupils to consider these values, thereby developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as reflective learners and grow to be stable, educated and civilised adults.

Our core values are sometimes referred to as the Kender 3Rs.

Our Statement on British Values

Kender Primary School is committed to serving the local community and its surrounding areas. It recognises the multi cultural, multi faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom, and therefore those it serves. It also understands the vital role it has in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalization by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them.

The school, as an inclusive establishment, accepts admissions from all those entitled to an education under British law, including pupils of all faiths or none. It follows the policies outlined by its governing body regarding equal opportunities, which guarantee that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status, or similar. It seeks to serve all.

Her Majesty’s Government emphasizes that schools are required to ensure that key ‘British Values’ are taught in all UK schools. The government set out its definition of British values in the ‘Prevent Strategy’ - Through their provision and actions in place, the school will, in an age appropriate manner, promote British Values to:

  • enable students to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • enable students to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England;
  • encourage students to accept responsibility for their behaviour,