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Ofsted Feedback

Ofsted Report 2019

Here is the most recent feedback from Ofsted given to Kender Primary School:

“Staff know the pupils well and establish good relationships with them. There are clear policies and procedures to promote good behaviour underpinned by the school's core values."

"The school’s accurate tracking data shows that no group of children is underachieving. Children show considerable respect for the different backgrounds and cultures within the school."

"Rapidly rising achievement in English and Mathematics is helping to ensure that children are satisfactorily prepared for their future economic wellbeing.”

Children: “Your school is led well by staff who are passionate about your achievement.”

Our most recent full Ofsted 2019 report can be found here.


Previous Ofsted reports

You can see all our Ofsted inspection reports on the Ofsted site. Here are some quotes from earlier reports:

Ofsted, 2010 (Design Technology survey): “A good range of enrichment activities ensures D&T plays an important part in the school’s drive to make the curriculum more creative.”

Ofsted, 2008: “Kender is a good, improving school…with…a caring ethos that permeates all aspects of school life, pupils are valued and cherished as individuals. Consequently, they flourish and are keen to do well.”

“One parental comment is typical of many, ‘this is a very community focused school. Every child and their family are treated and cared for with respect’.”

Please find previous reviews of the school by Ofsted and other evaluative bodies attached below.