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Intent - We aim to…

At Kender we believe that technology is an essential part of education in the modern world. We understand that the future working world our students experience will be very different from the one we know today, and we want to ensure that every student leaves Kender prepared for that future.

Computing develops students' understanding of the role of technology in everyday lives as well as its potential for creativity. The computing curriculum will therefore prioritise the teaching of coding, internet safety and digital literacy, with a strong emphasis on the ability to be creative and create. Children should be aware of the possibilities provided by a strong understanding of coding and the power of digital literacy. 

Hardware and Software

Children in Years 1-6 are provided with an Apple iPad, which is theirs to use throughout their education and replaced after three years to ensure optimal usage. Through these iPads, children explore a range of different hardware and software, learning to use them confidently and with purpose to achieve specific outcomes. Children also have access to a range of ‘Kaligo Pens’ and ‘Logitech Crayons’, while staff are supplied with an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Apple TV, and a screen to teach with.

Teaching and Learning

Each year group has at least one member of staff who has achieved 'Apple Teacher' status, allowing them to ensure the most effective use of the iPads for teaching and learning. The iPad enables us to access and use a range of apps to support teaching and learning, with a set of core apps that are the focus of our approach.

Internet Safety

Our aim is to ensure that our students leave school with a secure understanding of what constitutes safe and appropriate online behaviour. This is achieved through the use of ‘Natterhub’, an online platform that seeks to teach children about online behaviour and safety through a series of teacher-led and independent lessons.

(See curriculum overview for implementation and impact)