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How to support your child’s education

Parents and carers are asked to read with their children every day. Children should bring their reading books home in their book bags and books are changed on a regular basis. In Key Stage 2, we ask parents to sign their child’s reading records every day. 

Children from year 2 to 6 are set regular homework and this is designed to support the work they are doing in the classroom.

A copy of the school’s homework policy is available on request.

We encourage children to be courteous, to relate well to one another and to adults, to take responsibility for their own actions, to develop self-esteem and self-discipline and to respect their environment. We want to ensure that Kender is a safe, open and generally happy place for purposeful learning and in order to promote this, we focus on praise and reinforce the positive ethos. Bullying and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Punctuality and regular attendance are emphasised.

At Kender we believe that neat well-formed handwriting and presentation of written work helps to raise standards as the pupils take pride in and have a sense of ownership of their work. As a school we are adopting the fully cursive method of handwriting.

Handwriting Guidance for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

  • In Foundation Stage children will learn how to hold a pencil and how to form basic letter shapes.
  • Children begin fully cursive handwriting in Year 2 by starting to join their letters.
  • Formal handwriting practice is to be undertaken at least four times a week in Year One and Two.
  • Handwriting practice is to be included in homework in Year One and Two, in conjunction with spelling.

Handwriting Guidance for Key Stage Two

The target for children in Key Stage Two is to produce a fluent, consistently formed style of fully cursive handwriting with equal spacing between the letters and words.

  • Children will have handwriting sessions at least twice a week using specialist handwriting books in lower Key Stage 2. In upper Key Stage 2 literacy exercise books are usually used unless a pupil still needs to use guidelines.
  • Children in Year Three will write with pencils. Children in Year Four will write with a pencil until the class teacher assesses that they are joining competently and consistently. A pen will then be used only in handwriting and literacy.
  • This will continue into Year Five until the class teacher assesses that the child’s handwriting and presentation is sufficient to be issued with a pen licence.
  • To begin with all children will use a handwriting pen and can progress to using a fountain pen in Year Six if they so wish.
  • Children will use a pen to complete the majority of class work where appropriate.
  • Pencils will be used in Numeracy or for drawing and completion of diagrams.