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How to Help your Child

We want your child to be happy and successful and to make the most of their time at Kender.

You can help in this by:

  • Sending your child to school on time at the beginning of the school day and collecting them promptly at the end of school.
  • Coming to see us straight away if you have any worries or concerns. “Don’t bottle it up!”
  • Try to attend all Parents’ evenings and meetings.
  • Helping out with school trips, outings, events, cooking etc, and listening to readers.
  • Read at home with your child.
  • Read all letters and communications your child brings home.
  • Support your child with any homework. At Key Stage 1, please help with the formation of letters, learning simple spellings, reading and discussing stories.
  • Give some praise! A little praise and encouragement goes a long way to encourage both children and school!






our feedback

You can give us feedback in different ways:

  • Complete parent evening evaluations
  • Write a comment on your child's report
  • Call us
  • Talk to use before or after the school day
  • Visit Ofsted Parent View
  • Fill in evaulations after curriculum events
  • Join FoK

One way of giving us your feedback is to visit Ofsted Parent View. Click the link below to access this site

Ofsted Parent View.