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Forest School

Forest School offers our children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences. At Forest School we provide small achievable tasks to empower the children.

The adults have a facilitating role at Forest School to support and follow the children’s lead. To further empower our children we support them in managing risks for themselves at Forest School, for example by getting them to identify a risk at the beginning of each session and think together about how we can manage this sensibly. The sessions take place on the school site in a woodland environment.

The site will provide our children with the opportunity to explore within a natural environment, from finding bugs in our log piles to making homes for animals from sticks. We teach the children about how to care for our Forest School and the wider environment and encourage them to think of ideas to do this. At Forest School we wear full waterproofs to enable the children to explore the area freely and get messy!