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At Kender, we recognise that language is a key building block in a child’s development. Through the development of oracy skills we guide children to become good listeners, confident speakers, fluent readers and successful and lively writers. Children build up a bank of stories through oral storytelling using Pie Corbett techniques and explore a wide range of texts and how to write for a range of genres. The school also uses the Power of Reading, which offers support and training for teachers via the C.L.P.E.

It is our aim for all children to be reading by the age of six. Children are taught about how to read for information and we have invested in an engaging library facility. We actively promote a love of books and reading for pleasure with teachers planning regular reading events that support mixed age learning, enabling older children to support and encourage younger readers. Drama aids the delivery of the curriculum; children in year five and six work with The Young Shakespeare Company and children lower down the school are supported with local puppet and theatre shows.

It is our aim to ensure:

  • Children enjoy reading for pleasure and reading for knowledge
  • Children learn to write with a sense of purpose and audience
  • Children receive a well-balanced English curriculum and are exposed to a range of genres
  • Children are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills in reading and writing
  • Each year group has a consistent approach to English teaching in order for children to build on previous learning and make progress

Supporting your child at home:

Daily reading -  It is important that children practise reading on a daily basis. This should be done at school and at home. As well as reading a book pitched at their current reading level, children should practise reading and writing common exception words, these can be found in the front and back of your child’s reading record book.

Literacy Planet - Literacy Planet is an online literacy platform that enables children to develop their literacy skills through games, activities and challenges. All children at Kender have a login to be used at school and at home. If your child has lost their login, please speak to their class teacher.

Reading in real-life contexts - Enabling your child to see the uses and benefits to reading in everyday life is very important and there are countless opportunities to allow your child to demonstrate what they have learned. Reading cooking instructions, shopping lists, text messages, letters can all bring classroom learning into real life situations and will encourage them to continue making progress.