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Half term homework project

Our summer term theme is ‘Communion’.

Next half term we have two special projects. The first week back we are celebrating 150 years of Kender Primary School. On Wednesday 5th June the children will take part in a Victorian day, learning what life was like as a Victorian child. They will be looking at a range of sources that depict the history of Kender school.  Following on from this each class has a decade to learn about: 

Nursery and Reception - 2000-2024

Year 1 - 1990-200

Year 2 - 1980-1990

Year 3- 1970-1980

Year 4 - 1960-1970

Year 5- 1950-1960

Year 6 - 1930-1940


This learning will take place as part of their History and Geography lessons.

Please read the letter attached below.