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Road traffic safety measures around Kender

This week I had an email about parking and traffic around Kender school. The email, which was copied to Lewisham Council, referenced ‘serious concerns as parents for the level of traffic and parking on Kender Street, during children’s drop off time.’ The email went on to state: ‘The school staff are really doing their best to discourage parents from parking, they talk/write to parents and also leave signs advising drivers not to stop close to the gate... but these signs are regularly ignored.’  This is not the first time concerns of this kind have been raised by members of our community.

Thank you to those mums, dads and carers who do travel to school on foot or by bike. It is so much safer if we can all avoid using cars if possible. 

I am aware that some parents bring their children some distance and the only viable option is by car. However, we do ask if you could park a little further way from the school entrance and walk the last few metres of the journey. Quite frequently there are spaces free in Lubbock Street, which would be a short walk to any of the gates.

We have three gates but ask that, at the end of the school day, you do not leave through the Kender Street gate. This is the most difficult street to manage and staff here are unable to control the speed and quantity of traffic each day. Cars, vans and lorries frequently speed down Kender Street and there is also no barrier between the pavement and the street.

We are working with Lewisham and their School Streets Team to make the very best of our School Street, which is Faulkner Street and closed to traffic at drop and collecting times.

We will be seeking children, parents, governs and staff to help plan new gates fro our entrance on Faulkner street. Our aim is to have new, bigger gates in place for September 2023. Take a look at some of the new initiatives being publicised on the Lewisham website:

We really do want streets for all; especially for children.