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Tackling Race Inequality

Dear parents 

Lewisham is an open borough that celebrates diversity. We have a proud history of standing up to racism and inequalities, from the Battle of Lewisham in 1977 to more recently becoming a Borough of Sanctuary. 

Our Local Authority is committed to tackling race inequalities, which includes work in education. 

The changes we introduce will create lasting transformation in the lives of the children at Kender. We know that these improvements to our education system will be beneficial to all Lewisham children, irrespective of their background. 

We believe that in time, this will filter down into the language used, subjects studied, books that are brought home, conversations that you are having with your child about their school day. It will ultimately result in a more representative curriculum in Lewisham schools which reflects the diverse community we are proud to be part of. 

We have been and continue to be determined to improve outcomes by tackling racial inequality in education.  Governors approved the attached Race Equality pledge on 24 March 2021 and Kender Primary School is fully committed to supporting Lewisham Learning.