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Ofsted Report 2019

Our latest Ofsted report has been sent home today and is available to read on this website.

The opening paragraph from out latest report.

What is it like to attend this school?

From the moment you enter the school, it is clear that leaders are passionate about improving the life chances for the pupils in their care. They use their knowledge of families and the local community, planning an engaging educational programme. Vibrant displays celebrate pupils’ learning. These displays capture how leaders encourage pupils to appreciate human creativity and achievement. Pupils told me that the school is an amazing place because learning is fascinating.

Pupils said that Kender is a happy and friendly place. They feel that they are listened to and matter. Pupils behave well, bullying is not tolerated. This is because staff support an understanding and appreciation of what is important at Kender: ‘The Kender 3 Rs – Respect, Resilience, Readiness.’ On the rare occasions when behaviour dips, or bullying occurs, staff act quickly.

Pupils are respectful towards others. They know that everyone is different and that everyone has things they are good at, and things to get better at. They know it is easy to give up, but that being resilient helps you develop. Pupils take responsibility for being ready to learn. I saw pupils moving sensibly around the school and settling down to work quickly. Pupils know that staff expect them all to succeed, personally and academically.