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Again, I am receiving complaints from angry residents about inconsiderate parking from some of our parent community. This must stop!

Please see below a section from an email that I received yesterday at about 9.00pm in the evening:

On a daily basis from 15.20 pm  parents of children attending Kinder Primary School park illegally to pick up their children. In some cases they see fit to park in our residents bays , mostly they park on double yellow lines and the zigzags outside the school gates.

Yesterday I had a very unpleasant moment with a particularly aggressive lady who had parked on double yellow lines across the access to our resident parking (see photos attached) I waited 15 minutes to gain access 

I am aware that some parents will need to drive to the school to collect their children and I am equally aware that there is somewhat limited parking in this locality. However, parking on zig-zags, double yellow lines or in, or across, residents bays is unacceptable. There is parking around Kender and many mums and dads park a short distance from the school and then walk to collect their children. 

Please help us and our local neighbours by being in good time to collect your children and observing parking rules and common courtesies.