Staff at Kender

Staff at Kender

The school is managed by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, three Assistant Headteachers and School Business Manager; these roles make up the core Leadership Team.

The school has a phase structure to meet school achievement aims and further improve outcomes for all children. Each phase is led by an Assistant Headteacher. Each class is taught by a fully qualified teacher. Currently, the school has one School’s Direct student who, on successful qualification, will take up a permanent teaching role at the school.

Specialist teaching is offered for Art, Sport, Dance and Modern Foreign Languages. Art teaching can be followed on Twitter @KenderArtRoom. Harry Watling Sports are in school three days each week and can be found at:

Higher Level Teaching Assistants are used to deliver some Preparation and Planning Time and deliver targeted interventions.

In our nursery class we have an experienced Lead Teacher, supported by a team of EYFS practitioners, which includes two apprentices. Teaching Assistants are employed across the school to support teachers to deliver high quality learning.

All teachers have leadership responsibilities to help in the management of the school. Leadership roles and aspirations are being developed for all support staff.

Midday supervisors look after children who stay at school for lunchtime; and are responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of children at lunchtime in conjunction with the Leadership Team.

The administration and business management of the school is led and organised by the School Business Manager in conjunction with the Headteacher and the Leadership Team. A consultant Bursar is employed to ensure that all financial regulations are met.

Our Premises Manager is responsible for repair and maintenance and manages the premises team and deals with all matters relating to the premises and security of the school.

The children are also helped by:

  • A School Nurse
  • A Speech & Language Therapist
  • A Playleader
  • Pupil Welfare Officer
  • Specialist SEN TA
  • Children's Therapist
  • Learning Mentor
  • Maths intervention teacher