The Big Half...this Sunday...

The Big Half...this Sunday...

The Big Half
This Sunday 4th March, come and support your teachers…..they are raising money for FOK.
You can watch anywhere on the route, the finish is by the Cutty Sark and there are other events in Greenwich Park(a map of the route is on the reverse of this newsletter).

Running the Big Half Relay:

Yellow Team: Ms Wootten, Ms James, Mr Vinnecombe,
Ms James (Ms James sister)

Look out for yellow shirts with Kender on.

Green Team: Ms Fox, Ms Kealey, Ms Wootten, Mr Lewis

Look out for green shirts with Kender on.

Running Big Half
Ms Jeffery  -  for NXG Trust Starts (9am aim to finish by 11am) wearing a red shirt with NXG Trust on.

Little Half - Family Fun Run

Ms Jeffery is also running with her own children and families from Kender, in the Little Half which is a 2.4m fun run for families from Southwark Park to Greenwich Park